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Dec 13, 2009 @ Sunday, December 13, 2009
Happy Birthday Onew @ Lee Jinki
Happy Birthday to Lee Jinki
A leader to SHINee
Star that shine on earth
A wish for your happiness
May god bless you and your love one

If only one of my wishes came true,
Let me sleep by your side, any place will do.
Beautiful World
Without losing sight, I look only at you.
Beautiful Boy.
Still don't know your own beauty
I have nothing I want to say,
I just want to meet you one more time.
I can't say what I want to say,
Maybe i lack the guts (to do so).
That's alright,
I don't need newspapers,
There's nothing important in them.
What have you been doing lately?
If you're doing fine...
Then it doesn't matter

the poster is all created by Fish unnie @ SFI
thanks unnie..Onew would happy to see it..kyaaa

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Dec 9, 2009 @ Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Wish For Your Happiness
Someone is celebrating his birthday today even he so busy with show or performance hope he and his beloved friend enjoy their new life. There no gift for me to give you just a wish that you will be happy with your beloved one. Don't forget me or your fans cause we all wishing the same thing for you.


Mian mian dont have much time to edit this. Anyone minhoholic here ekeke..

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@ Wednesday, December 09, 2009
New layout new face...

New layout and new face…not mine my new blog okay. Lots of blog I found they really awesome and mine just simple, wish I can make like that…Hehehe just need time to search it..kyaa I so busy these day *reading fics* ^-^

I think I need to make something new about my blog as like err…*still thinkin* brainstorming here. My practical is getting good, bond between the staff is okay and seem like I can get along with them. I can wait to end this practical cause I want to relax ahaha..kidding duhhh ^^

I wish I can off the whole week…hehe but that won’t happen haa. Make me sick then. LOL *just make me have fever * ^-^ but what I gonna do if I stay home whole week..gahh must be boring haa..Change my mind now..work work work

Owh yeah last Sunday is my besties birthday. She now a legal woman ahaha..As you can say that way. Happy belated birthday Chrissy. OMO wish we close so I can celebrate it with you..gahhhh !!!! I made a poster or banner but there no your name..Mian2 silly me haa..ekeke. Taemin sing song for your yeepyy

I didn’t watch New Moon or Ninja Assassin cause there not enough time to see it. >< Hope I have some time to see it and hope it still on showing ahaha..*finger cross*.

There will be one month to go until I finish my practical…and I still didn’t finish doing report. Gahh to many pages can I just copy paste form senior ahaha



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Dec 2, 2009 @ Wednesday, December 02, 2009
Somehow i missing
Dear blog..
Sorry for my absence and i feel so guilty for abandoned you
LOL gosh im so in hiatus mode past there day..actually no ahaha
Been to busy studying CS3 and look like imma improved aLOT ok
not tha LOT just little bit i think...Well i need to practise more
and look some tutorial cause i dont have teacher to teach me and
i learn it all by myself..Look some vid tutorial at YOUTUBE and
even at web..For anyone who is fangirl or like PS-ing click these forum
cause here not only you can talk to someone who
love design but you also can learn PS-ing..i get so much info there
hehe..Anyone who already sign up find me k..i used shafa as my display name

Too many movie comeout this weekend like Ninja Assasin and New Moon gahh
imma wanna see it but i need someone who can accompany me hehe.. ^^
anyone there..LOL these weekend i will go to PC FAIR that gonna
be ta Convention Centre ekeke..I want find some stuff for my laptop
and maybe watch some movie..ehehe..If I hape time to watch it..Gahh

Nothing much too say anymore..Will post after this..if i remember ekeke


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