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Mar 29, 2010 @ Monday, March 29, 2010
Oiyaaaa !!!! ahh i miss blogging LOL...cause i dont have topic to write...and i busy with GIF yeah gif..ahaha i getting good on making gif on banner...ok maybe not that good...but i like they way i doin it...it simple but to many step...ugh believe me...aahahah

Owh i receive event at FB...they making korea festival there on 15 april and even they competition...singin dancing all kpop thing...thing wanna go but i need to check my schedule LOL i mean is i need someone to go with me...

Ok BIG NEWS !!!! i heard that shinee gonna make fan meeting here MALAYSIA at SUMMIT BATU PAHAT...ok weird haa...WTH with johor...shouldnt they make at KL..cause yeah KL is main city in malaysia and they should know that...tsk...how am i suppose to go there...for the first time shinee come here and i wont be there to witness them..tsk

Atleast i got to meet SS501 when they doin fanmeeting...kyaaa i was crazy that time...seriously hahahah..Ok ok i should stop here..its almost 1am here...LOL and i still awake..ekekeke..like usuall i post my fave ulzzang...ahahah ahh i forget their name...LOL

wait no...i cant forget this two hot guys name...the left is min jun and the right is hara..anyone know him...ok he sometimes photoshot with taejun...ok now you remember LOL...aboki brand i think..

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Mar 22, 2010 @ Monday, March 22, 2010
Run Devil Run
The time show 7pm and still goin 7.01pm 7.02pm arghhhh my head cant stay calm. Ottokaji ~
Ehh what happen here...ahahha ok ok that not happening to me k...that will happen to me if i went to SSHOW at BJ but i didnt..frustrated !!!!!!!!! ugh why why andwae !!!! Lucky fans to get to meet them gahhhhh aish. I dunt have money....*cry* There not much picha from the sshow if there have not clear....blame the management cause they not allowing people bring camere...tsk this is so lame !

Argh forget bout it dun care...but if shinee come here...ahaha i will follow them ekekeke...*i'll follow you* bwahahaha joke joke...and that time i will be like crazy paparazi chasing their victim...ekekeke *evil laugh* fuhhh enough of it. Ahh have you heard SNSD new song....gosh i not their fan i only LOVE their SONG k...ahh i even put it at my blog...ahahahaha they release repackage 

Last but not least my fave ulzzang LOL i always post it at the end of my post...ahahahah no touching k...LOL


guk jang mun and park hyung jun and the last one is jung gyu kyaaa he so cute lalalala

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Mar 19, 2010 @ Friday, March 19, 2010

LOL what with the tittle...joke joke...its a quote i take from alice in wonderland movie..the red queen always say that word and i found it so funny...ahahah have you watch it...YOU MUST WATCH it no matter what happen...ekekeke gosh i wanna watch it again...red queen so funny ekekeke...ahh i watch it with my sugary family...sadly anis is not there....*cry* hoping we all will gather...kyaaaa here our picha...we all look crazy haaa...ekekeke

Omo the last picha...my head gone...blame muffyn...he off my head...ekekeke...-glare- and below is our little gift look cute haa...big eyes...LOL like minho ekekekekeke

So happy yesterday and i really wanna hang out with them again..and this time i will off mufyn head ekekeke...in picha LOL. she did to me....-stare-. Actually i should meet them again today at KLIA..SUPER JUNIOR is coming to malaysia for SSHOW and i cant see them *cry* gosh i wanna meet them so badly but i cant...>< tsk...andwae !!!!!

Nevermind i will sure meet them again..hohohoh ahhh to end my boring post i post again ulzzang ekekek love them so much hehehe


the first one is donyeong center is kimdonggun and the last one parkkhunseob he remind me of ciel LOL so cuteeeee and dont touch..... irresistible hahahha ....byebye... 
p/s i change my song...so love this song run devil run weeeee...you better run run run ~

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Mar 16, 2010 @ Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Another ending with laughter
Big news...ok it will be big news is snow happen here..ahahah LOL jokes jokes...its been a month and finally i can feel rain...not rain the singer but rain ...LOL hahaha miss rain and nowadays summer..yeah it always summer here..gosh i wanna play with snow...kyaaaaaa ^^ naahhh that wont happen haa...need to move at snowy country hohoho...when i have money....

Thing for me never change..i still doing the same thing everyday and i just cant help it..this all my fault..aish i've been addicted to this thing...help me from it...muri muri it wont happen unless i change...heheheh..ahh i make you bored right...i know it...gosh...ok ok enough of my babble...

Kyaaa past these days i been stalking some ulzzang picha and walla i FOUND SO MANY ULZZANG kyaaaaa *crazy girl* ehem no touchy k...all mine..LOL joke joke...


i introduce you new fave ulzzang..gosh i have so many fave haa...cant help it hehehe
the left is jang mun and the other one is jihon..wait i already post his picture..naahhh spammin2 ahahah and the last one is hyung jun hehehe....As you can see my tumblr is FULL WITH THESE GUYS !!!!!!

Owh owh i have new affies...fiction blogspot and much more...go visit her...hehe

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Mar 14, 2010 @ Sunday, March 14, 2010
Its sunday what you can ask more
Its sunday right and what will happen in sunday...gosh everyone doing this...still cant think haa...gahh wedding ceremony guys...aigo...ok ok not me k..its my friend his brother wedding so as for friend i went it along with my friend hohoho...Bad for them they have wait for me like 30 minute...ekeke...LOL bad me haa...alalalala

I not driving k..>< aish i still cant drive car...not mean that i cant drive just my mom wont allow me drive car...tsk..>< she want me to buy car for my own gahhh andwae... !!!! Take those picha in car while my mom send me to nearest bus stop..hohoh such a cameraholic am i..ahahaha

mma spazz again bout ulzzang and this time will be..of course my fave yumin and there new guy jung kyu *middle* and hyukmin and the last one is hangook..he so so hot...LOL..k k enough spazzing

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@ Sunday, March 14, 2010
Anyone using Tumblr here...if you has add me..add me pwease..LOL joking...i has one but rarely update it...hohoho cause i have nothing too post or sat but now erm yeah i have so many thing..reblog or post picha ahahah love love...this is my Tumblr do add me k
I change my tumblr to other name...hohoho cause the old one...it doesnt suit me...hahahah but this time i make it same as my blog url litmuslove...lalala love litmus...just dunno why...


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Mar 13, 2010 @ Saturday, March 13, 2010
Ulzzang time to get crazy

Surprise surprise surprise !!! hohoho i found it yeah found it at last...ekekeke now i know his name is ha min he i a model for Tomonari and Enivue but i cant access it seem like it close or url change hohohoh love love finally i found it..kyaaaa his tumblr ok ok no touchy..LOL joking..ahhh unfortunately  he already has girlfriend >< naze !!!! hohohoho she an ulzzang too i think..omo all his friend is ulzzang too..freaking hot kyaaaa...

I dead dead..gahhhhh RIP

his name is kang hyuk min so cute its he..omo the second picha remind me of dongho ukiss ahaha

park ji ho gosh this guy so cute and he has girlfriend..SO CUTE !!!!

did you recognize one of the member..its kiseop ukiss...lol i just found out he an ulzzang too so cute
to many ulzzang here i cant take it..i should leave now...hohoh

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@ Saturday, March 13, 2010
Button ~
Gosh almost 2am here and i just finish watchin game plan..its so funny..i make new button...ehh not that button laaa...but button LOL.... i just having fun with PS and i never make gif..so i think what bout i try make gif..simple gif and walla i made link button..hohohoh it simple but yeah i love it...wait who the last person in my button...lalalala bwahahaha made 2


Have you listen to jrock or jpop...try listen to them... especially jrock...hohohoh you can release you tension by listen to it..LOL joking...ok ok it might happen k...As for me i love anime song and mostly they play jrock. While i was watching anime hitman reborn, its my fave anime hohoho i love their ending song on epi 170 yeah 170 and on going..gosh i have no idea till what epi they will end it...hohohoh ok ok back to my story..i love their ending song and i try too look for it..and actually i already downloaded it hohoho but i never listen to the album LOL silly me haa...its call sug gr8 story  click it. try to find where i downloaded it but couldnt...but i manage to find the vid in youtube...ohoho happy watching

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Mar 12, 2010 @ Friday, March 12, 2010
Snap snap snap
Seem like i have no place to go...hohoh any suggestion where or what should i do/be tsk..i bored with facebook already lalalala hahaha not much friends there and forum..aigo enough with stalking loooo...ne ne snap my own picha hohohoh kinda embarrassed haaa...hahaha i cant help it...

try to pose like an ulzzang seem like i dont have the face and the skill gahhhh >< someone take my picha..lalalal joke joke...have nothing to do and i take my own face...LOL enough stalking other people and now is my time stalking my own face...hahahah weird haa...IKR LOL


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@ Friday, March 12, 2010
gr8 Story
HAHAHA spazzing bout ulzzang again haa..I LOVE IT...ne ne there so many ulzzang and no name guy pity him i still didnt know his name..hohohoh..must keep searching...kyaaa imma found new male ulzzang...hurm he cute...lalalalla

he's part of hit-5 a chinese boy band. names: duan hwang wei
hohoho found his name...and he is an artist..male group from chinese..now wonder he so ulzzang ekeke

and this guy is he wait..what his name again ahhh chiaki senpai..LOL that is name for his character in nodame cantabile and his real name is Tamaki Hiroshi...kinda similiar right to chiaki hohoho

hohoho there another ulzzang name lee chi hoon he even have facebook..but not if is real or not...hahaha keep spazzing bout ulzzang...geez that make me have nothing to do..aigo...someone help me...lalalala

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