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Sep 30, 2009 @ Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Selamat Hari Raya

Am I too late to wish hari raya. Hope not because raya is ONE MONTH. Haha still got time ma. How your fasting. Does it full? Well im not. You know girl problem. Shoot why I said it here. Just ignore it. HOHO. My raya trip haa. Not going anyone accepts visiting relatives.

On first raya we visit mak long. She lives near the town. He like a granny to me. HEHE. But she funny when you know her. Kuala Lumpur in my dad brother. He kind of sick and my whole family visit him. That is a much for every raya coming. Kind like tradition but then their family will come to my house to with their children. Well his children already have kids.

Kind of big family la. My mom side all in Medan but accepts for my mother twin sister. My auntie she here. Taking care of my brother children. Then on our third raya, we when to Kluang Johor, my sister house. Actually the reason we went there because my cousin want to go to water fall at Kota Tinggi. So what the heck it’s raya so we follow the plan. She with her mother drive car.

Good gosh so many people at R&R. The car park is full and peoples everywhere. It’s raya we talking about. So fun stay at Johor even for 2 days. Next plan is just rest at home. So tired la. Go there go here. HAHA. Gift of money… yeah I still received it. With my physical people still think I still kid. Don’t blame them because it true. HAHA.
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Sep 17, 2009 @ Thursday, September 17, 2009
What If
What if i tell you that i feel hurt but you cant see from my face will you believe me. What if i tell you that i cry but there no tears coming from my eyes will you believe me. What if i tell you that i lie to you but there no emotion on my face will you believe me. What if i tell you i hate you the most but you didnt believe in my words cause there no feel on it will you believe me. There to much what if in my words but you wont believe it cause i didnt say it honestly even i say the truth to you. You will never know how i feel cause i didnt know how to tell in a way for you to understand clearly. Its my fault its my mistake for me being in such a person. No need to understand me if you cant. Im not somebody who always to tell what i feel. I always bear all the pain by myself even now. I feel the pain but you didnt know cause im not showing it to you. Just bear all the pain by myself.

Mood - Unclear
Song - A little pain


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Sep 14, 2009 @ Monday, September 14, 2009
Pretty Boy (fanfic)
Onew POV
People call me Onew but my real name is Lee Jinki. I don't know where i got that name. Its ok with me as long it not shortie, bumpkin or anything like that. Im in high school and kinda popular among girls, but someone really hates me and that is Hye Sun. She’s in my class and even sits next to me. Dang it. Why must a hater be beside me, and she not that beautiful as you can think. Even my grandmom look more pretty than she is. I hate her but just one thing i like about her, when she smile I feel like the world revolve around me. Im thinking too much am i? Ok stop she’s not important to me. Dang it next period is Mr. Kim classes. He teaches biology and i kinda suck with it. I need to skip this class or else he might attack me from sleeping again in his class. Duhh totally bored. As i was gonna skip class Hye Sun approach me. "Hey Jinki ahh where a you going? Are you gonna skip this class AGAIN.!" The hell she yell at me. Omo i feel so stupid right now. "Its not your problem Hye Sun, mind you on business." Geez why must she yelled like that. I don't care at all and this time i must skip it. Ahh im still too sleepy from yesterday. Why did i follow them? How about i ask Minho to follow me, ehh where is he. did he skip school today. Geez he always like that. Never mind he’s not that important.

"Hey Onew where are you going? Don't you have class after this." Key suddenly appear behind Onew and make Onew a little surprise "Geez key, don’t you say hi first. Thanks god i don't have heart attack .I feel so sleepy and i can't study at all today. Its biology class and you know that i suck in it. How about you? Where are you going?" "I have meeting with Minho about our festival this autumn. Don't you remember that me and MInho are part of the school student council?" "Ahh yeah i remember now, so what are you guys planning this festival. It should be something fun." "We planning on doing some firework and there will be performance on each club. Are you going to join?" Onew was a little bit surprise about the festival. He seem to forget about it and suddenly he said "Performance? That is great idea. Maybe i gonna ask Taemin and Jonghyun to do it. Sing a song on that day. How about that?" "Ahh great idea there Onew. You guys sure have nice vocal there. I gonna tell Minho about this. He might like it." "Key ahh its time now." Someone shout from behind to Key. "Oh shoot im late now, okay Onew i should go now. See ya." Onew idea is great and there will be lots of student wait for this performance. You can say that there three guys have wonderful voice and they do really great in dancing too especially Taemin. I hope Minho will approve this.

In the student council room
"You late." Minho directly said that after he saw i open the door. "I so sorry Minho. I meet Onew on the way here, and you know what, he gives this really great idea. How about letting Onew, Taemin and Jonghyun doing performance on the festival day. Sure gonna be lots of people waiting for this. The guys are famous in this school. How about that idea. Are you on it." Key explain in detail and he even lost his breathe. Slowly he breathes in. Minho closes his book, something like a black book. "Sing you said. That is nice to hear. Let them do it and you in charg. Don’t let anything wrong happen that day okay." "Yes boss." said key with a smile

A/N - Thanks to my dearest dongseng Tracey She help me with this fanfic..unnie love you..kyaa
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Sep 12, 2009 @ Saturday, September 12, 2009
Someone Stalk Me (fanfic)
As i was walking back to my home i can feel someone following me. The feel like a murderer were chasing his victim. Ouh is this gonna be my bad day. I can hear footstep. I brave myself turn my head back but i only can see cats across the street. The footstep is stop and only me in the dark alley. This is so scared to death so i rush to nearby stall near at the bridged . Thanks god there people at ramen stall. Mr Choi own the stall, even it just small stall he sell delicious ramen. Even i can eat for 3 bowl. I know. I quickly ran to Mr Choi stall and hide there for second. "Hye sun ahh, u just back from work. But you look not so good. What happen?" Said Mr Choi as he see im hiding at his back stall. "Owh Mr Choi, nothing happen. Im feeling someone stalking me. Have you heard about this before?" I ask Mr Choi about this cause he know all the neighbor and really fast in updating news town. "What..stalking. Did someone stalk you. Who is it? I never heard about this before. Did you hurt somewhere?" Mr Choi look curios in what happen to me, that cause im living near at his house and my father is his close friend. He always take care of me."I didn't know Mr Choi. But i can feel that someone following me back at the alley. Its so dark but i can't see anyone maybe its just my intuition only." "That good for you. If anything bad happen to you just call uncle okay.""Araso Mr Choi. Looks like time is getting late, im better return to home. Mom will worried if she know about this, please keep it secret yeah Mr Choi." "Okay Hye Sun, safe walk ahh for your safety how about let Minho keep your company. Its that ok with you?" Ahh Minho want to walk me home..yes i love it. I always hoping for that."Its fine with me if it fine with Minho." Mr Choi talk to his son and look like Minho nood his head. Its that a yes for walking me home. Im so happy. Really my day. Me leaving Mr Choi with his customer and Minho is walking me home. The night feel so silent when i walk together with Minho. He doesn't talk much. He always been like this since i know him from secondary. He only talk when he needed. So i break the silent asking Minho about his school life. He just say fine and keep silent. Ahh i don't know what to do else. He really walk fast and leaving me behind. Seems like he in hurry. Its not his fault for walking me home. His dad ask for it. I almost at home but Minho still company me. And i said "Minho if you have stuff to do its ok with me here. I can see my light house from here." "Its ok i have to send you home safely." What am i hearing he talk that. Is he consider about me. Maybe he just being nice to me. As i arrive my home, i waves my hand and say thanks for walking me home and going inside the home, Minho stop me "Hye Sun ahh im sorry if it feel odd for you tonight. Good night and sweet dream yeah" That is his last word and he walk back to his place. Im froze for second from hearing his word. Did he just say good night to me or im dreaming to hear that. I pinch my cheek ouch hurt yeah..Im not dreaming.

To be continue

Author Note : Im so sorry if this get you bored. Im not so good in making story and sorry also for my grammar. Im still learning and hope you will understand it.
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@ Saturday, September 12, 2009
Hip hip horayy
Yes at last is my last day paper and yeah im so happy. At last im free from this suffer. All these long day im waiting for this free. Hehe. My last sem here and my last time with my friend too. We plan to berbuka bersama and we choose KLCC food court as our choice. Arrived there at 6.45pm something search for empty seat. Gosh so many people today almost there no empty seat but lucky us there enough table for all 10 of us. So many food to eat i cant choose at all. But at last in choose eating wantan ahh my fav food ever. I like their bbq chicken so delicious. Hehe. Having so many fun time being together. That is us all of with smile face enjoying our last day ever. Ahh im so gonna miss them. Really and hope we will continue friend. Lets meet up again yeah guys. Here vid of us but there not much on me cause im the camera girl..

Mood - Happy
Song - Hot Issue


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Sep 10, 2009 @ Thursday, September 10, 2009
Cursing curse
You can guess from my tittle...being curse..ahh no but im cursing somebody..Hehe no la today just not my luck its my third day answering paper and today is something really really
mad...Dang it i cant answer properly today feel like i never learn all those kind of think..haaa am i that stupid..Actually what the lecture give us not all is coming out and i just wrote what i think i know...ahahaha..Ok ok i give up and didnt really answer properly.. I hope im not gonna fail this subject..ahh please dont let me repeat it..Im stuck being here..Geez..Raya is coming but i didnt buy any new clothes..haha cause i dont have enough money..hehe...its fine with me but i have new baju kurung *tell me why i mention this*...nice nice..i like...Tomorrow is my last paper...frankly say i dunno what i study in his class...just fooling around..*i know*..

Mood - Mad
Song - Miracle


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Sep 9, 2009 @ Wednesday, September 09, 2009
Nice shot..
Today paper is so easy..wait NOT that easy as you think..but still can do it..Its Fundamental web design and i keep reading it..Gosh i going faint now just reading the note..Thanks god my lecture give us tips..hehe...thanks thanks... I having same problem everyday doesnt know where to berbuka today..where..?? Ais i cant think at all..because im hungry perhaps hehe..Tomorrow im having VERY hard paper..ahh can i study in one day..GOSH...*focus mood*...

Mood - Shout
Song - Glam Girl
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Sep 8, 2009 @ Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Life is hard once you understand it
Have you ever dream of being someone else than you. A singer, model, prime minister or maybe an alien * that is something weird thinking*. As for me i wanna be myself but at some time i wish i can be somebody else. What will happen i am not myself now. My life would totally change. An example i born to be a artist or maybe an international artist. The world would know me. I will never be here writing in this entry. People will write about me in their blog. Writing about may fame or maybe my scandal. *geez that is something new*

If i am not a artist maybe i from wealthy family. Treat me as princess or highness *gosh wish that will happen to me*. I'll be traveling all over the world and my life will be guarded *ahh i hate that kind of life*. Every where i go there must be bodyguard or something cause i am really important person in my family. Just say i the next heir of biggest organization. People really want to killed me to see my company down.

The easy way is just become a normal person. You will live in simple life. Free as bird *but make sure you have enough money to where you go*. Having a normal love life and friendship is what people wanted. There no one will control you and you will live on own. Fame is what people wanted but once they into it, there will be no turning back. There will be lots of expectation from other to you. This is a burden. It not something that everyone can do.

For me lets the time do it. I will follow the flow where ever it goes. Fame or not is that is other story. I will live as what i want - END-

Mood - Unsecured
Song - Breathe
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@ Tuesday, September 08, 2009
This is pain..!!!
Today is my exam...starting with multimedia and later is TQM...OMO i didnt really read TQM cause im too busy reading multimedia...The question is just the same as what lecture give me...but i still cant remember it all...Ahhh this is so frustrated !!!! Well multimedia i did well cause i keep reading it like thousand times..ahh sorry en najid i cant do it right..

Mood - FRUST
Song - Jewerly - Strong Girl
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@ Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Should i tell the PERSON !!!!
Where should i start...ermm?? Something that i hate MOST becoming in real time..i never realize this will happen...But to me this will never bother me and i dont care at all..The secret have been expose and without noticing it i suddenly know everything about all things happen...

Mood - Demonic
Song - I dont Care
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Sep 6, 2009 @ Sunday, September 06, 2009
The day is Come
Im too lazy this week..my final is coming up and i dont really study well..To many temptation here..*leave me alone*..Shu shu..!!
This is my schedule
Tuesday - 845am Multimedia Management
Tuesday - 145pm Total Quality Management

Wednesday - 145pm Fundamental of Web Design

Thursday - 845am Human Resource Management
Thursday - 145pm Production Operation and Management

Friday - 230pm Management Policy and Management

As you can see there lots of management cause im taking management course..why im taking it..ahh too difficult for me..*focus focus*. Can i steal the exam paper and just remember the answer..if that happen im will pass with flying color ahaha.. It only happen in my dream only.. Or maybe black mail my lecture..hehe..*make me pass of something will happen to you*.. Oh no im not that evil k..


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Sep 4, 2009 @ Friday, September 04, 2009
SS501 fan meeting at One World Hotel
Kyaa what should i start first the way im waiting them or my expression while waiting for them...ahhhh this is something REALLY new to me..my first meeting korean group that i always waiting so much as i were wish it will be SHINEE ahhh but SS501 is my fav too. Though im just into hyun joong...sorry sorry i know...blame me...i just know hyun joong from BOF everyone talking about it and im also a fan of the drama. Ahh i cant say the word how im really really really happy meet them...

I went there with my friend or should i say my best friend *she gonna be proud if she read this* its true im not kidding. We both REALLY into korean artist but she more to BIG BANG and i SHINEE ahh but we both like the same person actually she more to hyung joon..ahh two same name pronounce but different people. We both meet at KL SENTRAL and got there about 2pm *its my other fave group* haha..What a coincidence haa... The meeting is on 6pm so we still have LOTS of time and we decided to take a peek at ONE UTAMA...such a HUGE complex i think i can lost being here myself *someone guide me please*

We both buy the same shirt actually only the color cause it say BLACK CODE dress if you want to meet SS501. At 4pm we decided to be at the meeting point and then haaa take a guess SO MANY PEOPLE..ahh the queue is SO LONG and i cant line at the back row...this will waste my time. So i decided to queue line *sorry sorry* So many people, crowed place and so HOT im wearing black shirt so you can feel how hot it is. AHHHHHH !!! people please be patient everyone will get it this is what im thinking while queuing actually we must buy SS501 album to meet the group. A autograph will be giving if you have the album. So im buying the album even though i will LOST the money..ahh my saving,,,forgive me...*dad you need to give me more this month im sorry*

people blocking the pic..ahh im gonna KILL them ALL

6pm no 6.30pm is the time i get my chance to meet them im person ahhh im so so so out of word here...you know how it feel when you saw your fave artist right. And that what i feel when i saw them. I got signature from YOUNG SAENG cause the person in control ask me to line there actually i want HYUN JOONG's signature ahh damn guy..i'll banned you forever. But poor YOUNG SAENG cause after me there NOBODY queue on his line..ahh poor guy but he so cute im serious here.. He look so mature with short hair and his skin is so BRIGHT ahh my eyes *make up artist you really do a great job there salute*

7.25pm is berbuka puasa and me and my friend take a break ahh so tired and cant walk any more..My feet gonna explode from this event.. Gosh how will it be if this event will continue.. Korean artist is getting famous in Malaysia and there LOTS of korean fan here even me. Im hoping there will be more event like this but make sure next time we can get more time together with our fan group. -THE END-

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Sep 2, 2009 @ Wednesday, September 02, 2009
The one and why i love it
The tittle really not important cause i cant find the right word to show my my feeling at all..As for me is this what i really feel form my heart of i just play with me. Help me get out of this feeling. Im too carefree for my life. I never feel like going to do it. This is something i always think of it.

I mess up my introduction let me make up for it. This is place for me to say out loud. I HATE someone who control me, i HATE someone who cant decide for himself, i HATE someone who never ever really trying to understand her feeling, i HATE someone who doesnt have power all at. I HATE publisity when its come to my love life. Stop asking who i love with that is none of you business cause im too afraid of losing him. Just stop talking to me and please let me be silent from what i am. Im trying to be cool as i would be but the more i try the more difficult it will be. Guide me even i didnt say about it all. I am someone who really want to rely with. The word i cant even say HELP ME. Im being selfish of my self not trying to seek for help, cause i dont want to hurt you, to burden you. I live in lonely world and the one who always be by me side is GONE forever. Dont ask me who is it cause i WONT tell anybody of it. This is my life and please erase me from this world. This hurt me so much but i dont want to leave this world yet. Im trying to bear with it. I never ask for help cause i take care of myself. I never needed single sympathy from you cause i dont need your care. First i was afraid i was petrified just keep thinking i would never live without you by my side, i spent to many night thinking bout you but i force myself without letting you know how i feeling. Will you know how i feeling after this, do i need to say it again do you need the explanation. I dont want you to say a single word, there will never be cure for this


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@ Wednesday, September 02, 2009
This will be a new thing
Actually why i post this topic because i just dont have time to upload all the files and sorry to say this im gonna stop posting about music and video. But hope this link can help you finding all song or video that you wanna.. Click here

On this onwards i will only post about myself and if it boring you..its doesnt matter to me cause im just wanna share my experience...hurm it that really a good word to say it.hehehe

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