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Sep 8, 2009 @ Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Life is hard once you understand it
Have you ever dream of being someone else than you. A singer, model, prime minister or maybe an alien * that is something weird thinking*. As for me i wanna be myself but at some time i wish i can be somebody else. What will happen i am not myself now. My life would totally change. An example i born to be a artist or maybe an international artist. The world would know me. I will never be here writing in this entry. People will write about me in their blog. Writing about may fame or maybe my scandal. *geez that is something new*

If i am not a artist maybe i from wealthy family. Treat me as princess or highness *gosh wish that will happen to me*. I'll be traveling all over the world and my life will be guarded *ahh i hate that kind of life*. Every where i go there must be bodyguard or something cause i am really important person in my family. Just say i the next heir of biggest organization. People really want to killed me to see my company down.

The easy way is just become a normal person. You will live in simple life. Free as bird *but make sure you have enough money to where you go*. Having a normal love life and friendship is what people wanted. There no one will control you and you will live on own. Fame is what people wanted but once they into it, there will be no turning back. There will be lots of expectation from other to you. This is a burden. It not something that everyone can do.

For me lets the time do it. I will follow the flow where ever it goes. Fame or not is that is other story. I will live as what i want - END-

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