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Dec 2, 2010 @ Thursday, December 02, 2010
Hiatus hiatus hiatus !!! Xmas is coming and i will be busy preparing gift ekeke..That will be secret..Still need to prepare card and gift..as for work..aishhhh BUSY!!! and i hate it !!! I hate my current job..just hate it..too many pressure..really need to find new job..FAST ! Almost a month now since i pay for 2AM album..Still didnt get it..My supplier has problem with their supplier LOL...Hope will get it by next week..Cant wait for it..lalalala. Thinking bout making new blog..Special blog..ahaha..Will post more bout me in future..Just wait for the 'item' to arrived..Maybe next year..on feb i think..hope so..hehehe..So excited !!


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