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Feb 20, 2011 @ Sunday, February 20, 2011
New Destination
Yeshhhh..finally i can call myself as CSR..what that..?? CSR mean Customer Service Representative. Still dont know. Ok ok call 100 using house line choose language and then choose number 1. HAHA that what i mean. I still on training for 6 month ! Yeah 6 month !! Its a long training tho.. For 2 month i trained in class, like learning the system, soft skill. Its look easy but actually you have to past few test and there will be pre mock call and final mock call. I pass both pre mock call n final mock call. Thank god ~! Not sure when will i take call, cause i still didnt get ID for all system. Maybe for 1 week i will do nothing..LOLLL


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Feb 15, 2011 @ Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Taemin DVD Growing Up
I love this one..yesh i love it..more than anything and finally i have it. YEYYY for me..*fangirl* Actually my taemin DVD arrived..last week..fail to update it here..LOLL. So here i gonna show you guys. Taemin so cute, pretty kyaaa...i love it. I received DVD from amigo till lucifer time. With poster and mini photobook. Nice photo they have...Damn taemin fansite really good. HAHAHA. I should received along with phone strap but the postmen LOST it. Damn you postmen. I HATE YOU !!!! How how you can lost something precious to me. WHY WHY WHY !!!!! Ughhhh this only gonna make me high blood pressure. Thanks to Esther she sell it to me..hehe thanks you unnie ~! Here the picha. Taemin cute right hehe. Told yeah

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Feb 12, 2011 @ Saturday, February 12, 2011
Big Bang X Uniqlo Shirt Edition
12 February 2011 8.00 AM. OMG im late..!! that the first thing in my mind when i look at the clock. I should wake up at 7AM but because of laziness, i didnt..hahaha. Actually it nothing important..ahaha. Today is the day UNIQLO yeah UNIQLO have you heard bout it before..Its Japanese store. Today they will sell BIGBANG X UNIQLO shirt. Kinda limited edition..Went there with my friend Mira arrived around 10AM the shop still not open but lots of people gather there. No idea since when they been there..Aahaha.. Shop will open at 11AM. Thank god i manage to be in front. No need to rush. Hehe. The moment they open the shop, i think you know what happen right. All of them run tru Big Bang section, even me...*shy* ahahaha. Manage to grab few shirt for me and for Mira. I didnt see the design but only the size. Grab all i can. People keep pushing me. I know i small ugh !!! This is the shirt i bought. No idea why i bought all of it. haha.. This never happen to..LOLL All the design is wear by Big Bang, that why i bought it..gosh my money...uhuk ~! I didnt see Taeyang shirt, people already grab it fast..aahah. Taeyang shirt also cool.

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Feb 1, 2011 @ Tuesday, February 01, 2011
MBLAQ - BLAQ STYLE album. I hate it ~!
Yeyyy mblaq blaq style is here..i received it. Thanks to danielle i received my album. I just order yesterday and today i got it..hoho FAST!! Maybe because she have it in her stock, that why la..lalala happy happy. Now my list getting smaller...weee. I love the cover, so blaq ! They even give postcard. each member 2 postcard..kyaaa i loving it. I just realize shinee album never do this. Since ring ding dong, lucifer and hello. They only give poster..aishh i want more..ahaha. Maybe for next album make it creative k. Here the pictures..kinda blur LOOLL

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