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Feb 20, 2011 @ Sunday, February 20, 2011
New Destination
Yeshhhh..finally i can call myself as CSR..what that..?? CSR mean Customer Service Representative. Still dont know. Ok ok call 100 using house line choose language and then choose number 1. HAHA that what i mean. I still on training for 6 month ! Yeah 6 month !! Its a long training tho.. For 2 month i trained in class, like learning the system, soft skill. Its look easy but actually you have to past few test and there will be pre mock call and final mock call. I pass both pre mock call n final mock call. Thank god ~! Not sure when will i take call, cause i still didnt get ID for all system. Maybe for 1 week i will do nothing..LOLLL


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hahaha yaah~ csr ahjumma! chukahaemida..hehe CONGRATULATION~ CONGRATULATION...lalala ~ ak xtaw slebeyhnyer..XDDDD  
gahhhh stress working csr..dun want !!
wanna find new job fast  

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