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Jan 16, 2011 @ Sunday, January 16, 2011
new Place new Life new Heart
No icon..aish busy me to make new icon hohoho..busy with new life new place and new heart..new heart..?? what bout it..ahaha..Currently staying at KL to become CSR..yup my new life now..kinda difficult..i just need to endure it..i need to pass all level to become CSR..sound easy at first because i never think it would be like this..cause what motivated me took this job because of the salary..you can say the salary high compared to my old job..triple i think..people greedy so do me..i a greedy too that why i take this risk to fulfill my greediness..LOL sound evil isnt ahaha..well just put it that why to understand you..ahaha..i learn that everyday is a challenge to me and i take that challenge to teach me to survive in this world...always depend on parents..its time me to repay them..right..even i still depend on them right now..LOL ^^. Even new life i still the same me nothing change but people always change right..who doesnt..Enough with this crappy babble. to be continue ~ 

I still me the same shopaholic girl..searching item at internet to buy thing that doesnt sell here..the problems is i dun have money..aish that happen when you become someone like me..right..dont waste your money on something not important..but to me it IMPORTANT!!! Arghhhh!!! I crazy bout shoes..i found shoes i want but there but here..ahaha dun have credit card to buy it..ughhhh evil world why it happen to me...arghhh..I need to find store that sell it..keep googling ..hohoho..someone know..if you know keep it secret from me cause i might attack that shop..hahaha..NO NO TELL ME PLEASE !!!

Something to share with you guys out there..is there anyone here went to DIGI KPOP PARTY..i bet not all of you went to it right..cause you know why..you already know..WHY THE HECK THEY DOING IN ON WEEKDAYS!!!! why why why !!! I DIDNT GO CAUSE IM WORKING THAT TIME..ARE DIGI STUPID ENOUGH NOT NOTICE WHAT DAY THEY DOING IT..ITS WORKING DAY DAMMIT !!! UGHHHH

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