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May 31, 2010 @ Monday, May 31, 2010
Forever After
The final chapter...yesh final chapter of Shrek the movie..LOL not my story...duhhh ~ I watch it yesterday with my MOM yeah my mom cause no one wanna company me...better than be alone...hohoho Have you guys watch it..not yet..go watch it..it so funny..love all part..but my fave part is when puss said feed me if you dare...ekekek totally OSM...

OMO have you watch SS501 new MV...Love Ya *click for album*...no kyaaaa SS501 oppa so hot i mean freaking HOT !!!! Aish this will only make me broke..i want their mini album too...NO!!!! LOL here the MV

Need to clam myself before i go crazy...gahh i cant..already crazy now...lalalalalal aish oppa so hot and i melting right now...*ignore my crazyness* wonder when i get my salary..LOL it not that much...tsk i need to save some...hohoooh thinking bout future ok...hahahaha

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May 28, 2010 @ Friday, May 28, 2010
Tasty Love
Weeee today my 3rd day working...fuhh i can say it pretty hard for me...cause i face number everyday on top of that i hate num..LOL i need to calculate it again and again to get the exact number...Wonder when will i get my salary..LOL it almost end of the month..bwahaha...*money money* gonna strike my wish list...

Because too many pressure on working *more rest than work* i start my ps-ing for my requester at SFI forum i used cookiepie...hehehe my second num..someone request for taemin wallpaper...my fave and i make one for me LOL...*steal*  just ignore the icon..hohoho..to many icon on my desktop LOL..kinda easy for me to search..weeee all my tension disappear when i look at taemin cute face....hohoho..Having hard time choosing taemin picha...cause all of it too cute..i cant decide one..ahahah

Talk much when it come to taemin..gonna stop here or you might vomit when i keep continue..ahaha ok ok stop here...i miss my ulzzang fave that is hyuk min thee ~ I wonder when will i change my song...hurm..need time to think what song for my blog


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May 25, 2010 @ Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Hurray, throw confetti, blow candle..Ouhh what happen here. Officially said i finally get a job...Weee...so happy...So easy..i mean they way they accept me. I fill the form and then the boss interview me..On the spot k...I work as secretary there. It just small company. I work there before but as assistant store. Start work tomorrow..omo what should i do..HOHO

Near to my house...when lunch i can go back eat..totally safe..ahaha...They ask me for do accounting job..I learn that when i was in college..hope i still remember..omo need to study accounting...I kinda fail in math...theee ~ but they also say i might do admin..ok that simple..easy for me..

My mind keep playing stuff i wanna buy..shot i might lost my salary here..Ahh talking bout salary it not that much but it ok as long they pay me..

Taejun ahh help me...ekekeke...omo if someone see this...she might kill me...ekeke

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May 21, 2010 @ Friday, May 21, 2010
My line suddenly ok..ahahah that because my brother stop his torrent...ekeke time for me youtube...i never youtube before cause there nothing for me to stalk..i only stalk MV, perf and some drama there....but then i accidentally click k-on band vid..omo looking at those guys played guitar really make me jealous...i want too..my brother has guitar but i never play it cause i afraid he might scold me...ekekek..aish lame am i..I always wanna try play instrument but i too shy to play it...*though i never learn one* always looking outside the store cause i too shy to enter the shop...is someone with me... so that will not be a problem...hohohoh..*silly me* if only....

Wanna take piano lesson someday and maybe guitar too...i even stretch my finger to not be stiff when i play guitar..hold your finger chord-pressing hand with your finger together. Open up your index and middle finger. It should like V and then do it with your ring finger and pinky. The open up only your index close it and and open up your pinky...get it

Time flies...i should sleep now...i mean my laptop...since 7pm i on...hohohoh..

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May 19, 2010 @ Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Not Much Time Left
Aish why now..why they all making comeback when i broke...aish..i need job..no one want take me work with them.. I will continue tomorrow again..My santa list is getting bigger..ahaha..blame to kpop cause they all making comeback at this crisis time...tsk..wanna nag at my mom...gimme me money...LOL *bad girl* lalalalala

2PM Photobook
BEAST shock
FCUZ album
CNBLUE second mini album
MBLAQ 2nd mini album
FT Island Flower Rock
Suju 4th album

OMG where i gonna find money when my list getting bigger...gahhhh *faint*...chill myself with rocky lalalala..wanna some ~ Yumin ahhh help me..jeabal ~

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May 17, 2010 @ Monday, May 17, 2010

Ahh there nothing I can do. I cant go out cause there no way for me to go. I think this is the million times i talk bout this. Still continue looking for job and still no answer. Its me or them who doubt me to work with them.

I dont know what else I can do. Stuck in my own house, bumming is all i can do. So envy looking at people having fun while i trap here. What should I do.

Argh i being emo. There no one I can talk bout this. Keeping secret make me feel more depress . Someone that I can share, someone I can talk bout, someone that i really want to be with. someone....

Gonna end this heartbroken story. It only make me wanna cry if i keep continue

Trust nobody or you gonna suffer from it
Envy looking at you when it all lie
Secret is what i keep doin past these years
To be love or to be in love is a failure to me

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May 16, 2010 @ Sunday, May 16, 2010
Fresh baked
Its been 2 weeks now and i back from disaster..hohoho jusk kidding...for me it disaster but maybe for you it fun..tsk where is fun when you be surround by kid that only know scream..arghh i cant handle it...aish..

But im back..feel so fresh..yeahhh so many thing i miss nowadays..like personal taste episode..the last i watch it epi 6 and now it 8...aigo..need to catch up..and the most important...there so many kpop making comeback like Super Junior 4th album gosh i need to listen to it..F(x) with their new album NU ABO kinda weird haa..but i love it..ahahha..it catchy ~

Owh CNBLUE will comeout with single and so do MBLAQ...cant wait..owh yeah Wonder Girls too...kyaaa so many hot group making comeback after 2PM...i wonder when will SHINee make comeback...cant wait...weeeee All of them making changes and it HOT 

Gosh with this my santa list will grow..ahahha too many album i want *lookin for jobs at newspaper* Need to find job tomorrow anything as long i get money..and with that i can buy camera..??? *what*

Ehh why camera LOL so addict to camera..OMG i found DSLR canon not more than 2K..i can afford it if i get job save save money..ahahaha i dunno who make me addict to camera *thinkin* LOL

Hurm did i miss anything here *scroll up* i think i done be back to post more. Owh yeah i forgot i cant find k-on season 2 strack cause it still new will be back check on it...lalalalala *off*
p/s click the name to download the album

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May 2, 2010 @ Sunday, May 02, 2010
Dont Stop Cant Stop
Yeyyyy you heard me...cant stop looking at 2pm album..HAHAHA i received 2pm album DSCS from my chingo..for my birthday..aish too late but i received it..ekeke..even you cant say no to 2pm IKR lalalala happy happy..Drools over nickhun photo...kyaaaa *pervy* Omo i saw BEAST shock album..wanna buy it..but no money..hurm i still cant find job..aish no money ~ ottokaji ~ I think i need to make list..or santa list ahaha..aish xmas is over...LOL

2PM Photobook
BEAST shock
FCUZ album

Ehh only 4..?? *even i dont have money* that so little..add more..LOL i cant think of anything right now...too much drooling over khun picha...kyaaaaa *ignore her* i dont have scan to scan the album...theee ~ 

here ulzzang for today..his name think you know..min jun..kyaaaa ~

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