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May 31, 2010 @ Monday, May 31, 2010
Forever After
The final chapter...yesh final chapter of Shrek the movie..LOL not my story...duhhh ~ I watch it yesterday with my MOM yeah my mom cause no one wanna company me...better than be alone...hohoho Have you guys watch it..not yet..go watch it..it so funny..love all part..but my fave part is when puss said feed me if you dare...ekekek totally OSM...

OMO have you watch SS501 new MV...Love Ya *click for album*...no kyaaaa SS501 oppa so hot i mean freaking HOT !!!! Aish this will only make me broke..i want their mini album too...NO!!!! LOL here the MV

Need to clam myself before i go crazy...gahh i cant..already crazy now...lalalalalal aish oppa so hot and i melting right now...*ignore my crazyness* wonder when i get my salary..LOL it not that much...tsk i need to save some...hohoooh thinking bout future ok...hahahaha

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