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Apr 20, 2010 @ Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Afternoon Tea
Why why why...so fast i want more..13 is not enough for me..i want more than 100..argh i cant wait for other...hurry up post it !!!!!

Hohohoho what happen here...Ok ok dont get afraid...it just me acting like drama queen ekeke...IKR...lalalala. Actually what i mumbling about is K-ON..ahaha never heard bout...gosh where you come from..grrr go google it...LOL. K-ON is anime..hahahah *no wonder you never heard it* It funny anime i mean TOTALLY FUNNY. From starting till end you laughing non stop... seriously

For first season only have 13 episode..that why i said why 13 tsk...and then special episode and the new one season 2...hohohoh cant wait.actually it air already..i wait for the downloading process finish ekekeke..Wanna download their original soundtrack here and for the song that they sing in the anime here

Love their song...especially dont say lazy...kyaaaa totally have meaning heheheh. Ahh there one song fluffy fluffy time...LOL sound cheesy haa...IKR and the lyric also ahaha but i love the music...Owh yeah i change my page song to dont say lazy..Stop my craziness here...owh yeah today ulzzang will be do hyeong..his new hair style so hot...kyaaaa

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