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Apr 18, 2010 @ Sunday, April 18, 2010
Imagine that
Crying right now....why they lie to us..."they" tsk not someone you know but GDE i forgot their name..ekekek the one that bring ukiss to malaysia...Ok now you remember haa..ahaha. I found out that anyone who buy ACE, KNIGHT and VAMPIRE will not get ukiss signature. Only for those who buy VIP will get chance to get their signature...dammit why this happen...They told us all the ticket will get all ukiss member and now they said NOT  !!!! WTF there go my dream to shake kevin hand...ekekek *pervy* lol...ANDWAE they lying to us...gahhhhh ><

Stop talking bout that..Owh yeah having great lately except for the ukiss news..*sigh* i received taemin pillow ekekek cant sleep lalalalala

Yesterday my lappie when down...virus make my lappie went wrong..and i format my laptop...aish but lucky me i save all file in D cause i only format C ahahaha...OMO i cant install YM...now i using beta...><

I need to find job cause i have no money to shop...andwae...cant live without shopping hohohoho while waiting for calling i should looking for job..any simple job might work...at least i get money..ahahah

Ahhh i forgot to spam ulzzang picha..aish been busy haa...IKR LOL

The left one is jang mun and on the right is dong gun...kyaaaa overdosed with ulzzang lalalala

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