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Nov 16, 2009 @ Monday, November 16, 2009
Pisau Cukur aka Gold Digger
Wait..!! Im not what you thinking of..That is just a movie title...Gold Digger hoho wish i could become one like the character in the movie..On second though ahh maybe not..Just watch it yesterday with my mom...hoho yeah my mom...me who planned it cause today my mom will really get busy and yesterday is our day..huhu.. Have you guys watch it? If not this movie is A MUST WATCH or you will miss all the fun..I just love fazura acting so gedik hehe yet she look cute on it *some might hate it* dont hate me because of the comment.. Other people have different comment as for me i think this is the best act of her...Look so real look so like her..HAHA...Oh my prada !! This movie have perfect plot some mystery, comedy and even love romance...ahaha...I think i want to watch it again...Or maybe will download it later ahaha...For who havent watch it you must watch it now not tomorrow or on weekend but now after work or after school...Hurry up or the ticket will be sold out..For me yesterday lucky us cause i get there earlier even we arrived like one hour early cause we miss the time and have to take te next show...The seat for the early show is all full...LOL yesterday is sunday so no wonder..Oh my louis vuittion...ahaha...

Poster of Pisau Cukur aka Gold Digger

Pisau Cukur Thriller for who havent watch it or click me

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Nov 9, 2009 @ Monday, November 09, 2009
A Present for Me..??
New day ahead. There will be long day waiting for me. Being expose by the environment and culture...culture?? Just kidding. Dont know what to say in my intro..HOHO.. My MUET is end and fuhh im so glad it finish with well..Not worry anything right now. HAHA.. After my MUET test i hang around with my buddies..^^ I though we (kdayah, ayu and me) just gonna meet with aini but then WOW fizah, syu, lia is there. Never though of it. That time i was thinking they here because ITS AYU BIRTHDAY 071109..well can see that coming ahaha... We celebrate her birthday and mine too..Thanks guys.. LOVE YOU ALL... chu ♪♥.. We talk and talk bout our practical days. Seem like everyone enjoying their day..Lovely guys. Owh owh not to forget there also birthday cake from AINI. Thanks babe..hehe and a gift too from she. I will keep it safe *dont touch it* ><... OMG i didnt take picture of it..Owh well i just gonna ask them to send it to me hehe.. Will post it here but not sure when ahaha.. After eating chocolate cake we all hang around KLCC no where to go. Wish i have car i will go anywhere with them. HAHA..Save money from now on... We go there go here fuhh my leg its cramp already. I never bought perfume before but now *have little money* i bought perfume from BODY SHOP well i always want it but the one i want is TOO TOO expensive gahh save more money now.. HEHE.. Never feel this enjoy before. Oh my we want to watch movie but its too late so we just hang around. Gahh i really want to watch PISAU CUKUR..hehe The movie that i want to see badly..Just not my luck that day...Nothing much to say anymore. Will stop here.

Will be continue..xoxo

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Nov 6, 2009 @ Friday, November 06, 2009
061109 End of weekdays
My weekend is come and my test muet is coming..gahhh i didnt do anything preparation..ahaha..just wait for the test then my brain will work on it...finger cross hehe...

Nothing much happen to me..just too busy at wok place and the most of the staff my my department is off. They having their holiday at Sarawak..ugh me want to go to.. not fair.. ><

I have nothing to do this weekend so what i can do is practice myself do some graphic..ehehe..owh yeah i receive email from Leeminho forum and they searching for staff for graphic and project administrator...for second i was thinking should i take part..i really want to have some position in these forum even small part..Should i take part cause i can do some graphic even not big..ehehe...Save that spot for me..ahaha...

The end of my blog post..will post other story bout me..ahaha..see yeah

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Nov 2, 2009 @ Monday, November 02, 2009
Dear Blog,
It’s been long time since I haven’t updated my blog. My bad...To busy with err what…not busy actually just lazing myself doing unrelated job..hohho..Lots have happen past these days. One of it is...I really really regret of what happen to me...ok maybe not the regret. I can’t meet my lover leeminho. Yeah LEEMINHO BOF he came to Malaysia last Sunday and I didn’t know he will come to Malaysia. I only know that he will come to Singapore for promotion Etude House but Malaysia...not even in my *list*. My only chance to meet Minho but I didn’t know about it. It felt like rain all over my head...hoho… Maybe just not my day...hoping to meet him next time. *Will mark every place he goes*. Continuing myself devote with SHINee…err I mean stalking shineee.net hehe...right now I active making graphic such like icon, banner, bset and some poster...even I not as good as other but im improving...Looking at other artwork make me jealous...yeah jealous why can’t I do artwork like that. That because I still not good as them. My Photoshop keep making problem and I just used CS not CS2 or CS3...Thanks to my dear he give me CS3...yahoo with that I will making awesome canvas...click O1 O2 O3...It maybe not as creative as you think but I like it. Will improve more...hoho...Owh before I end this take a look of my laptop desktop i love it ^^...Ok then enough talking I gonna stop here...to be continue

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