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Nov 2, 2009 @ Monday, November 02, 2009
Dear Blog,
It’s been long time since I haven’t updated my blog. My bad...To busy with err what…not busy actually just lazing myself doing unrelated job..hohho..Lots have happen past these days. One of it is...I really really regret of what happen to me...ok maybe not the regret. I can’t meet my lover leeminho. Yeah LEEMINHO BOF he came to Malaysia last Sunday and I didn’t know he will come to Malaysia. I only know that he will come to Singapore for promotion Etude House but Malaysia...not even in my *list*. My only chance to meet Minho but I didn’t know about it. It felt like rain all over my head...hoho… Maybe just not my day...hoping to meet him next time. *Will mark every place he goes*. Continuing myself devote with SHINee…err I mean stalking shineee.net hehe...right now I active making graphic such like icon, banner, bset and some poster...even I not as good as other but im improving...Looking at other artwork make me jealous...yeah jealous why can’t I do artwork like that. That because I still not good as them. My Photoshop keep making problem and I just used CS not CS2 or CS3...Thanks to my dear he give me CS3...yahoo with that I will making awesome canvas...click O1 O2 O3...It maybe not as creative as you think but I like it. Will improve more...hoho...Owh before I end this take a look of my laptop desktop i love it ^^...Ok then enough talking I gonna stop here...to be continue

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3✖ criticize ✖
im also so busy this week because the TM audit wanna to came to audit all the problem at TM Timur.. so i have so many job need to finished it...
btw nice canvas....
hope my adobe CS3 is useful..
thanks my dear...
i love you..  
haha..poor you..they notice your talent.that why they want you to do all the probs..ekeke..thanks again  
No problem my dear...  

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