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Sep 14, 2009 @ Monday, September 14, 2009
Pretty Boy (fanfic)
Onew POV
People call me Onew but my real name is Lee Jinki. I don't know where i got that name. Its ok with me as long it not shortie, bumpkin or anything like that. Im in high school and kinda popular among girls, but someone really hates me and that is Hye Sun. She’s in my class and even sits next to me. Dang it. Why must a hater be beside me, and she not that beautiful as you can think. Even my grandmom look more pretty than she is. I hate her but just one thing i like about her, when she smile I feel like the world revolve around me. Im thinking too much am i? Ok stop she’s not important to me. Dang it next period is Mr. Kim classes. He teaches biology and i kinda suck with it. I need to skip this class or else he might attack me from sleeping again in his class. Duhh totally bored. As i was gonna skip class Hye Sun approach me. "Hey Jinki ahh where a you going? Are you gonna skip this class AGAIN.!" The hell she yell at me. Omo i feel so stupid right now. "Its not your problem Hye Sun, mind you on business." Geez why must she yelled like that. I don't care at all and this time i must skip it. Ahh im still too sleepy from yesterday. Why did i follow them? How about i ask Minho to follow me, ehh where is he. did he skip school today. Geez he always like that. Never mind he’s not that important.

"Hey Onew where are you going? Don't you have class after this." Key suddenly appear behind Onew and make Onew a little surprise "Geez key, don’t you say hi first. Thanks god i don't have heart attack .I feel so sleepy and i can't study at all today. Its biology class and you know that i suck in it. How about you? Where are you going?" "I have meeting with Minho about our festival this autumn. Don't you remember that me and MInho are part of the school student council?" "Ahh yeah i remember now, so what are you guys planning this festival. It should be something fun." "We planning on doing some firework and there will be performance on each club. Are you going to join?" Onew was a little bit surprise about the festival. He seem to forget about it and suddenly he said "Performance? That is great idea. Maybe i gonna ask Taemin and Jonghyun to do it. Sing a song on that day. How about that?" "Ahh great idea there Onew. You guys sure have nice vocal there. I gonna tell Minho about this. He might like it." "Key ahh its time now." Someone shout from behind to Key. "Oh shoot im late now, okay Onew i should go now. See ya." Onew idea is great and there will be lots of student wait for this performance. You can say that there three guys have wonderful voice and they do really great in dancing too especially Taemin. I hope Minho will approve this.

In the student council room
"You late." Minho directly said that after he saw i open the door. "I so sorry Minho. I meet Onew on the way here, and you know what, he gives this really great idea. How about letting Onew, Taemin and Jonghyun doing performance on the festival day. Sure gonna be lots of people waiting for this. The guys are famous in this school. How about that idea. Are you on it." Key explain in detail and he even lost his breathe. Slowly he breathes in. Minho closes his book, something like a black book. "Sing you said. That is nice to hear. Let them do it and you in charg. Don’t let anything wrong happen that day okay." "Yes boss." said key with a smile

A/N - Thanks to my dearest dongseng Tracey She help me with this fanfic..unnie love you..kyaa
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