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Sep 12, 2009 @ Saturday, September 12, 2009
Hip hip horayy
Yes at last is my last day paper and yeah im so happy. At last im free from this suffer. All these long day im waiting for this free. Hehe. My last sem here and my last time with my friend too. We plan to berbuka bersama and we choose KLCC food court as our choice. Arrived there at 6.45pm something search for empty seat. Gosh so many people today almost there no empty seat but lucky us there enough table for all 10 of us. So many food to eat i cant choose at all. But at last in choose eating wantan ahh my fav food ever. I like their bbq chicken so delicious. Hehe. Having so many fun time being together. That is us all of with smile face enjoying our last day ever. Ahh im so gonna miss them. Really and hope we will continue friend. Lets meet up again yeah guys. Here vid of us but there not much on me cause im the camera girl..

Mood - Happy
Song - Hot Issue


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amboi sukenye u... hehehe... seronok btl i tgk...

pastu leh kantoi plak ani tak pose..wahahahah...  
tgl kwn2 sumer...2 shafa take care.. sory xbgn lg time shafa blik..Maaf kalu de slh slp spnjg kite b'kwn..pe pun gud luck 4 LI..
love all of u my friend..dmg&dmk07  
ko ceroboh msuk blog aku eh setan!!  
rindu korunk sume!!!  

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