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Sep 2, 2009 @ Wednesday, September 02, 2009
The one and why i love it
The tittle really not important cause i cant find the right word to show my my feeling at all..As for me is this what i really feel form my heart of i just play with me. Help me get out of this feeling. Im too carefree for my life. I never feel like going to do it. This is something i always think of it.

I mess up my introduction let me make up for it. This is place for me to say out loud. I HATE someone who control me, i HATE someone who cant decide for himself, i HATE someone who never ever really trying to understand her feeling, i HATE someone who doesnt have power all at. I HATE publisity when its come to my love life. Stop asking who i love with that is none of you business cause im too afraid of losing him. Just stop talking to me and please let me be silent from what i am. Im trying to be cool as i would be but the more i try the more difficult it will be. Guide me even i didnt say about it all. I am someone who really want to rely with. The word i cant even say HELP ME. Im being selfish of my self not trying to seek for help, cause i dont want to hurt you, to burden you. I live in lonely world and the one who always be by me side is GONE forever. Dont ask me who is it cause i WONT tell anybody of it. This is my life and please erase me from this world. This hurt me so much but i dont want to leave this world yet. Im trying to bear with it. I never ask for help cause i take care of myself. I never needed single sympathy from you cause i dont need your care. First i was afraid i was petrified just keep thinking i would never live without you by my side, i spent to many night thinking bout you but i force myself without letting you know how i feeling. Will you know how i feeling after this, do i need to say it again do you need the explanation. I dont want you to say a single word, there will never be cure for this


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Thanks My Hime for share you feeling... im also wan to share my feeling at my blog... Hope we can know each other...  

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