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Feb 25, 2010 @ Thursday, February 25, 2010
Just Nightmare
Do you have difficulty when you sleep. That happen to me everyday, not sure why but i didn't sleep at afternoon
so it ok for me to sleep at night without having problems. I have to take like an hour to fall asleep even i already
lie down. I keep rolling there and there and couldn't sleep at all. But when i fall asleep i keep having these nightmare.

Just normal nightmare where i alone in a big house all the surrounding is black. But it wont take long cause
after that i will dream about something else..Think it happen to anyone right.
I wish i could dream bout something special like thing never happen to me..hohohoo
i've dream i become superwomen..i have this power like flying and cast magic..ahahah too much
of merlin haa...gosh love that series...

Omo merlin will end this sunday..kyaa cant miss it...lalala~


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Feb 24, 2010 @ Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Change Header..again ~
HAHAHA i change my header again..hurm something wrong..
aigo need to edit something ahahaha...well this will be my header..

after a long trying change that change this...wallaa here my real banner..bwahahaha
hurm even the picha look blurry that because i keep making changes of the size
and i too lazy to make new one..ahahah so the picha look something like that hahahah
fuhhh need to rest now....my hand is numb right now..lalalal ~                                                                      


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@ Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Haru Haru

Onew expression is the same like me now..bwahaha why that happen..aish imma feel so bored
staying at home and now where to go..ok that maybe because of me..
so lazy to find work..hurm is there any work for me at PD...
maybe have maybe not...hurm..i will be jobless if i still didnt find it..aish
to lazy ahahha...

What i do everyday is watching anime PS-ing and sleep...sleep ahaha...when i feel bored only
line is gay and i cant online too much...aish hate it..grrr
Omo have you heard bout shinee hello baby..ok you heard bout it already but how bout watch it..
hahaha you MUST watch it cause it so funny...love seeing shinee the kid taking care of a kid..hahaha

They all look so cute..^^ still waiting for SFI subbeb the vid and now is epi 6 hohohoho
cant wait...

Other than than i keep myself busy..PS-ing even i still not good with it..aish imma need to learn more..
omo right now i doing some shot...i mean fic but short fic..hahaha
even there will be LOTS of grammar error but i need to finish it and make someone to edit it fot me
ahahah who will be my victim..beware..LOL
enough of that and i will continue later...ciou


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Feb 16, 2010 @ Tuesday, February 16, 2010
New header
Shafa present you my new header...hahah simple haa...dun want too make it look
messy with texture..even now you can see how messy it haa...
hahaha..that all is my fave band...kyaaa love love...


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Feb 4, 2010 @ Thursday, February 04, 2010
A Bored Day
Aish everyday is bored day for me..Bwahaha that because i have nothing to do...
PS-ing, watching anime...hurm reading..WHAT reading..
bwahaha i mean read comic..duhhh ^^

I wish i have work to do..i cant stay at home anymore..need to find MONEY..aish im bankrupt girl..ahaha...i want to go shopping..
gezz wish money will fall from sky..ahahah

I always change my blog layout...bwahaha got nothing to do...aigo..someone give me work or i will
be crazy...


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