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Feb 25, 2010 @ Thursday, February 25, 2010
Just Nightmare
Do you have difficulty when you sleep. That happen to me everyday, not sure why but i didn't sleep at afternoon
so it ok for me to sleep at night without having problems. I have to take like an hour to fall asleep even i already
lie down. I keep rolling there and there and couldn't sleep at all. But when i fall asleep i keep having these nightmare.

Just normal nightmare where i alone in a big house all the surrounding is black. But it wont take long cause
after that i will dream about something else..Think it happen to anyone right.
I wish i could dream bout something special like thing never happen to me..hohohoo
i've dream i become superwomen..i have this power like flying and cast magic..ahahah too much
of merlin haa...gosh love that series...

Omo merlin will end this sunday..kyaa cant miss it...lalala~


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me too!!
feels like insomnia~ owooo
but these days I can't even stay awake more than 11 p.m...hahaha
tips: try lift tonnes of old books in library everyday!

me too having weird dreams almost everyday..sometimes it felt just too real..huhu  

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