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Jan 31, 2010 @ Sunday, January 31, 2010
Is this true
Malay Men is not romantic
Ok is that true..I read it in newspaper UTUSAN and the journalist wrote Malay men is not romantic. I agreed with it. But not 100% believe cause i have friend and he is a man is so romantic towards his girlfriend..Ahh i wish i were his girlfriend..LOL jk jk

Why they cant be romantic? Even they cant at least try to be one.  i hoping to have a boyfriend that romantic even he not but at least he could try to be romantic. I not asking the guy SHOULD be romantic all day, used romantic words even we meet. Gahh even i cant stand if my boyfriend act like that.

Im just saying that guy have try to understand women heart. What she need the most at that time, i didnt meant that guy have to buy or give whenever the girl says "ahh it look pretty i wish i have it" and then the guy will immediately buy it from her. That only happen when the guy is rich, than he could buy it for his girlfriend.

Try to make the girl happy. Even you cant, try other method to make she smile. The so many way to make girl happy or smile. Tell a jokes, i mean funny jokes and dont stay silent says something. Do this when you have no other ways to make she smile.


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Bukan sume laki melayu x romentik... Kadang2 pompuan yg menyebabkan laki x romentik...

bkn nk salahkan pompuan, tp kedua2 kene la sporting n saling memahami...  
kalu girl dah wat terbaik tetapi
lelaki masih tak fham..susah gak tue  

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