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Jan 1, 2010 @ Friday, January 01, 2010
Hehehe...HAPPY NEW YEAR lol

Kinda late to edit this post but i still wanna edit it..LOL save space maybe..ahaha...
Kidding kidding...Hurm 2010 is that my lucky year who know..
i will end my practical day this end of january and i still havent look for job..
Man i need to find job if not im jobless...and i hate jobless cause i dont have money to spent
kinda shopaholic ahaha...you didnt know haa...well now you already know...thee~

Jan 01 is my sugary family day..and for those thinking what is sugary family..
well someone really..... ahaha Ok she Muffyn the creator of this sugary family..
she made it for US yeah US there 5 people in the family...

Muffyn @ Fyn
Coocopie @ Fish
Brownie @ Anis
Ice cream @ Hanna
Cookie @ shafa

I only know this when i stalk her page in SFI and she so random picking your name..
But as for me..she choose cookie cause i already post in my page..i like
cookie ahahaah...nice nice...and my color will be green..thee~
i like green. It look so mother nature...LOL save environment k

FYI i still havent finish my report...gahh need to finish it...thee~

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Happy New Year!!!
weyh, shuzaili kt shoutbox tu dak tert dlu tu ke??  
ne ne yeah that shu ert  

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