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Oct 19, 2009 @ Monday, October 19, 2009
My first day practical
Its not this week actually i forgot to post this topic..been 'so busy' this day. HAHA. Doing unrelated job. I start my practical last week 12 0ct 009 and work at Human resourse department

I work at MPPD. I choose that place because it near to my house and i cant afford to practical at KL even i can get one. That because i have to find a house for me and that cost lots money. So i pick to practical at my place. No need to worry bout eat cause i can eat when i get home. That SO save budget..XD

Everyday i wake up *ahh to sleepy* early morning my eyes cant open XD... Goes there with my neigbour who work at same place but she start early so I need to follow she.

My work...send letter to other department..do photostat thing and do nothing...*so bored to death*. If i can i want to place to other department like IT cause i've been transfer there just for one day and there LOTS of work to do. But only related to computer like formating, installing that kind of thing. That is not my courses but at least i can face pc *the other reason i can online!!!*
3✖ criticize ✖
kO ni asik2 kOrea jer...
bOsan arrr...
ingt kan ape yg kO ubah
xda pape pn..
same je....
mmg pun.. poyo je korea die tu,
berangan nk jadi org korea,
entah2 bf ko pun rimas ngan korea ko ni  
i only know the first person who comment me but the second one...ahhh..sorry i dont care bout it..if he really uncomfortable with my life its his deal...  

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