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Sep 12, 2009 @ Saturday, September 12, 2009
Someone Stalk Me (fanfic)
As i was walking back to my home i can feel someone following me. The feel like a murderer were chasing his victim. Ouh is this gonna be my bad day. I can hear footstep. I brave myself turn my head back but i only can see cats across the street. The footstep is stop and only me in the dark alley. This is so scared to death so i rush to nearby stall near at the bridged . Thanks god there people at ramen stall. Mr Choi own the stall, even it just small stall he sell delicious ramen. Even i can eat for 3 bowl. I know. I quickly ran to Mr Choi stall and hide there for second. "Hye sun ahh, u just back from work. But you look not so good. What happen?" Said Mr Choi as he see im hiding at his back stall. "Owh Mr Choi, nothing happen. Im feeling someone stalking me. Have you heard about this before?" I ask Mr Choi about this cause he know all the neighbor and really fast in updating news town. "What..stalking. Did someone stalk you. Who is it? I never heard about this before. Did you hurt somewhere?" Mr Choi look curios in what happen to me, that cause im living near at his house and my father is his close friend. He always take care of me."I didn't know Mr Choi. But i can feel that someone following me back at the alley. Its so dark but i can't see anyone maybe its just my intuition only." "That good for you. If anything bad happen to you just call uncle okay.""Araso Mr Choi. Looks like time is getting late, im better return to home. Mom will worried if she know about this, please keep it secret yeah Mr Choi." "Okay Hye Sun, safe walk ahh for your safety how about let Minho keep your company. Its that ok with you?" Ahh Minho want to walk me home..yes i love it. I always hoping for that."Its fine with me if it fine with Minho." Mr Choi talk to his son and look like Minho nood his head. Its that a yes for walking me home. Im so happy. Really my day. Me leaving Mr Choi with his customer and Minho is walking me home. The night feel so silent when i walk together with Minho. He doesn't talk much. He always been like this since i know him from secondary. He only talk when he needed. So i break the silent asking Minho about his school life. He just say fine and keep silent. Ahh i don't know what to do else. He really walk fast and leaving me behind. Seems like he in hurry. Its not his fault for walking me home. His dad ask for it. I almost at home but Minho still company me. And i said "Minho if you have stuff to do its ok with me here. I can see my light house from here." "Its ok i have to send you home safely." What am i hearing he talk that. Is he consider about me. Maybe he just being nice to me. As i arrive my home, i waves my hand and say thanks for walking me home and going inside the home, Minho stop me "Hye Sun ahh im sorry if it feel odd for you tonight. Good night and sweet dream yeah" That is his last word and he walk back to his place. Im froze for second from hearing his word. Did he just say good night to me or im dreaming to hear that. I pinch my cheek ouch hurt yeah..Im not dreaming.

To be continue

Author Note : Im so sorry if this get you bored. Im not so good in making story and sorry also for my grammar. Im still learning and hope you will understand it.
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hahaha... i try to understand what are you talking about... i need to read 2 times to understand it..
but it's okay. you can learn it with broken words..

Please continue your story...

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