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Sep 4, 2009 @ Friday, September 04, 2009
SS501 fan meeting at One World Hotel
Kyaa what should i start first the way im waiting them or my expression while waiting for them...ahhhh this is something REALLY new to me..my first meeting korean group that i always waiting so much as i were wish it will be SHINEE ahhh but SS501 is my fav too. Though im just into hyun joong...sorry sorry i know...blame me...i just know hyun joong from BOF everyone talking about it and im also a fan of the drama. Ahh i cant say the word how im really really really happy meet them...

I went there with my friend or should i say my best friend *she gonna be proud if she read this* its true im not kidding. We both REALLY into korean artist but she more to BIG BANG and i SHINEE ahh but we both like the same person actually she more to hyung joon..ahh two same name pronounce but different people. We both meet at KL SENTRAL and got there about 2pm *its my other fave group* haha..What a coincidence haa... The meeting is on 6pm so we still have LOTS of time and we decided to take a peek at ONE UTAMA...such a HUGE complex i think i can lost being here myself *someone guide me please*

We both buy the same shirt actually only the color cause it say BLACK CODE dress if you want to meet SS501. At 4pm we decided to be at the meeting point and then haaa take a guess SO MANY PEOPLE..ahh the queue is SO LONG and i cant line at the back row...this will waste my time. So i decided to queue line *sorry sorry* So many people, crowed place and so HOT im wearing black shirt so you can feel how hot it is. AHHHHHH !!! people please be patient everyone will get it this is what im thinking while queuing actually we must buy SS501 album to meet the group. A autograph will be giving if you have the album. So im buying the album even though i will LOST the money..ahh my saving,,,forgive me...*dad you need to give me more this month im sorry*

people blocking the pic..ahh im gonna KILL them ALL

6pm no 6.30pm is the time i get my chance to meet them im person ahhh im so so so out of word here...you know how it feel when you saw your fave artist right. And that what i feel when i saw them. I got signature from YOUNG SAENG cause the person in control ask me to line there actually i want HYUN JOONG's signature ahh damn guy..i'll banned you forever. But poor YOUNG SAENG cause after me there NOBODY queue on his line..ahh poor guy but he so cute im serious here.. He look so mature with short hair and his skin is so BRIGHT ahh my eyes *make up artist you really do a great job there salute*

7.25pm is berbuka puasa and me and my friend take a break ahh so tired and cant walk any more..My feet gonna explode from this event.. Gosh how will it be if this event will continue.. Korean artist is getting famous in Malaysia and there LOTS of korean fan here even me. Im hoping there will be more event like this but make sure next time we can get more time together with our fan group. -THE END-

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5✖ criticize ✖
Wow... untung2...
tak dapat bayangkan macam mane u mase kat sana... i think like crazy gurl..hehehe
i understand what u feel.. same like me...
takder pon cam crazy fan...biasa jer..penat tgu ader arr  
penat tapi fun kan...
lagi fun kalu SS501 wat perf..  
taw xpe pnat gilerr!! tp xpa..dpt jupe dowg dpn mte..wlaupn byk yg skit ati drpd yg menggembirakan..hahaha

Thanks weyh!!! you're my best friend too! hahahaha  

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