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Sep 10, 2009 @ Thursday, September 10, 2009
Cursing curse
You can guess from my tittle...being curse..ahh no but im cursing somebody..Hehe no la today just not my luck its my third day answering paper and today is something really really
mad...Dang it i cant answer properly today feel like i never learn all those kind of think..haaa am i that stupid..Actually what the lecture give us not all is coming out and i just wrote what i think i know...ahahaha..Ok ok i give up and didnt really answer properly.. I hope im not gonna fail this subject..ahh please dont let me repeat it..Im stuck being here..Geez..Raya is coming but i didnt buy any new clothes..haha cause i dont have enough money..hehe...its fine with me but i have new baju kurung *tell me why i mention this*...nice nice..i like...Tomorrow is my last paper...frankly say i dunno what i study in his class...just fooling around..*i know*..

Mood - Mad
Song - Miracle


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