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Sep 17, 2009 @ Thursday, September 17, 2009
What If
What if i tell you that i feel hurt but you cant see from my face will you believe me. What if i tell you that i cry but there no tears coming from my eyes will you believe me. What if i tell you that i lie to you but there no emotion on my face will you believe me. What if i tell you i hate you the most but you didnt believe in my words cause there no feel on it will you believe me. There to much what if in my words but you wont believe it cause i didnt say it honestly even i say the truth to you. You will never know how i feel cause i didnt know how to tell in a way for you to understand clearly. Its my fault its my mistake for me being in such a person. No need to understand me if you cant. Im not somebody who always to tell what i feel. I always bear all the pain by myself even now. I feel the pain but you didnt know cause im not showing it to you. Just bear all the pain by myself.

Mood - Unclear
Song - A little pain


3✖ criticize ✖
i always believe you.. but i hope this not for me... please don't leave me or trow me away from your mind...

i know im still not understand you clearly... and i know this is the mistake in our relationship... but i hope you will give me a chance to understand you...

Mood - Emo  
uikz babe..^^
u know that I always there right, klu kredit ku x expired la...hehehe

that's right, if someone can't understand us don't try because it hurts us more...^^  
babe you so right..your credit always expired la..
top up la..aigo..  

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