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Nov 6, 2009 @ Friday, November 06, 2009
061109 End of weekdays
My weekend is come and my test muet is coming..gahhh i didnt do anything preparation..ahaha..just wait for the test then my brain will work on it...finger cross hehe...

Nothing much happen to me..just too busy at wok place and the most of the staff my my department is off. They having their holiday at Sarawak..ugh me want to go to.. not fair.. ><

I have nothing to do this weekend so what i can do is practice myself do some graphic..ehehe..owh yeah i receive email from Leeminho forum and they searching for staff for graphic and project administrator...for second i was thinking should i take part..i really want to have some position in these forum even small part..Should i take part cause i can do some graphic even not big..ehehe...Save that spot for me..ahaha...

The end of my blog post..will post other story bout me..ahaha..see yeah

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