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Apr 2, 2010 @ Friday, April 02, 2010
Run run run as far as you can
If i can, i wanna run from this world...a world that doesnt need people to work to survive..omo that would be great...totally suit me...ahahaha.. Aish why world so cruel to me. Is there anyone can help me....Someone please please...i begging you... >< Aish the world have no mercy to me...LOL ok ok that sound so drama queen haa...IKR ekekekek ok ok my application have been rejected and i need to find other work...Because of this vacancy i didnt find any job...shot i should go search any work...but because of it..i trust to it and i didnt go search other job..gezz i such an idiot am i...BAKA ~

I need panadol here...Ahh because of that i search for other job...and it turn to same place i apply...shot can i trust it again....ahahah ok ok but this time i will apply to any vacancy ekekeke.. Dont want to end up the same thing happen to me before again !

Anyone here love fcuz and yejun no one...ahahah good...cause i loving yejun bwahahaha he so cute right right...

Hehehee so cute anyone know the center one..he is gin seok and the last one is my fave hyuk min.. I always confuse his name and min hyuk..same but opposite ahahah...cute cute no touchy LOL joke joke

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