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Mar 14, 2010 @ Sunday, March 14, 2010
Its sunday what you can ask more
Its sunday right and what will happen in sunday...gosh everyone doing this...still cant think haa...gahh wedding ceremony guys...aigo...ok ok not me k..its my friend his brother wedding so as for friend i went it along with my friend hohoho...Bad for them they have wait for me like 30 minute...ekeke...LOL bad me haa...alalalala

I not driving k..>< aish i still cant drive car...not mean that i cant drive just my mom wont allow me drive car...tsk..>< she want me to buy car for my own gahhh andwae... !!!! Take those picha in car while my mom send me to nearest bus stop..hohoh such a cameraholic am i..ahahaha

mma spazz again bout ulzzang and this time will be..of course my fave yumin and there new guy jung kyu *middle* and hyukmin and the last one is hangook..he so so hot...LOL..k k enough spazzing

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