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Mar 13, 2010 @ Saturday, March 13, 2010
Button ~
Gosh almost 2am here and i just finish watchin game plan..its so funny..i make new button...ehh not that button laaa...but button LOL.... i just having fun with PS and i never make gif..so i think what bout i try make gif..simple gif and walla i made link button..hohohoh it simple but yeah i love it...wait who the last person in my button...lalalala bwahahaha made 2


Have you listen to jrock or jpop...try listen to them... especially jrock...hohohoh you can release you tension by listen to it..LOL joking...ok ok it might happen k...As for me i love anime song and mostly they play jrock. While i was watching anime hitman reborn, its my fave anime hohoho i love their ending song on epi 170 yeah 170 and on going..gosh i have no idea till what epi they will end it...hohohoh ok ok back to my story..i love their ending song and i try too look for it..and actually i already downloaded it hohoho but i never listen to the album LOL silly me haa...its call sug gr8 story  click it. try to find where i downloaded it but couldnt...but i manage to find the vid in youtube...ohoho happy watching

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