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Mar 13, 2010 @ Saturday, March 13, 2010
Ulzzang time to get crazy

Surprise surprise surprise !!! hohoho i found it yeah found it at last...ekekeke now i know his name is ha min he i a model for Tomonari and Enivue but i cant access it seem like it close or url change hohohoh love love finally i found it..kyaaaa his tumblr ok ok no touchy..LOL joking..ahhh unfortunately  he already has girlfriend >< naze !!!! hohohoho she an ulzzang too i think..omo all his friend is ulzzang too..freaking hot kyaaaa...

I dead dead..gahhhhh RIP

his name is kang hyuk min so cute its he..omo the second picha remind me of dongho ukiss ahaha

park ji ho gosh this guy so cute and he has girlfriend..SO CUTE !!!!

did you recognize one of the member..its kiseop ukiss...lol i just found out he an ulzzang too so cute
to many ulzzang here i cant take it..i should leave now...hohoh

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