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Mar 19, 2010 @ Friday, March 19, 2010

LOL what with the tittle...joke joke...its a quote i take from alice in wonderland movie..the red queen always say that word and i found it so funny...ahahah have you watch it...YOU MUST WATCH it no matter what happen...ekekeke gosh i wanna watch it again...red queen so funny ekekeke...ahh i watch it with my sugary family...sadly anis is not there....*cry* hoping we all will gather...kyaaaa here our picha...we all look crazy haaa...ekekeke

Omo the last picha...my head gone...blame muffyn...he off my head...ekekeke...-glare- and below is our little gift look cute haa...big eyes...LOL like minho ekekekekeke

So happy yesterday and i really wanna hang out with them again..and this time i will off mufyn head ekekeke...in picha LOL. she did to me....-stare-. Actually i should meet them again today at KLIA..SUPER JUNIOR is coming to malaysia for SSHOW and i cant see them *cry* gosh i wanna meet them so badly but i cant...>< tsk...andwae !!!!!

Nevermind i will sure meet them again..hohohoh ahhh to end my boring post i post again ulzzang ekekek love them so much hehehe


the first one is donyeong center is kimdonggun and the last one parkkhunseob he remind me of ciel LOL so cuteeeee and dont touch..... irresistible hahahha ....byebye... 
p/s i change my song...so love this song run devil run weeeee...you better run run run ~

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