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Mar 16, 2010 @ Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Another ending with laughter
Big news...ok it will be big news is snow happen here..ahahah LOL jokes jokes...its been a month and finally i can feel rain...not rain the singer but rain ...LOL hahaha miss rain and nowadays summer..yeah it always summer here..gosh i wanna play with snow...kyaaaaaa ^^ naahhh that wont happen haa...need to move at snowy country hohoho...when i have money....

Thing for me never change..i still doing the same thing everyday and i just cant help it..this all my fault..aish i've been addicted to this thing...help me from it...muri muri it wont happen unless i change...heheheh..ahh i make you bored right...i know it...gosh...ok ok enough of my babble...

Kyaaa past these days i been stalking some ulzzang picha and walla i FOUND SO MANY ULZZANG kyaaaaa *crazy girl* ehem no touchy k...all mine..LOL joke joke...


i introduce you new fave ulzzang..gosh i have so many fave haa...cant help it hehehe
the left is jang mun and the other one is jihon..wait i already post his picture..naahhh spammin2 ahahah and the last one is hyung jun hehehe....As you can see my tumblr is FULL WITH THESE GUYS !!!!!!

Owh owh i have new affies...fiction blogspot and much more...go visit her...hehe

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