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Mar 22, 2010 @ Monday, March 22, 2010
Run Devil Run
The time show 7pm and still goin 7.01pm 7.02pm arghhhh my head cant stay calm. Ottokaji ~
Ehh what happen here...ahahha ok ok that not happening to me k...that will happen to me if i went to SSHOW at BJ but i didnt..frustrated !!!!!!!!! ugh why why andwae !!!! Lucky fans to get to meet them gahhhhh aish. I dunt have money....*cry* There not much picha from the sshow if there have not clear....blame the management cause they not allowing people bring camere...tsk this is so lame !

Argh forget bout it dun care...but if shinee come here...ahaha i will follow them ekekeke...*i'll follow you* bwahahaha joke joke...and that time i will be like crazy paparazi chasing their victim...ekekeke *evil laugh* fuhhh enough of it. Ahh have you heard SNSD new song....gosh i not their fan i only LOVE their SONG k...ahh i even put it at my blog...ahahahaha they release repackage 

Last but not least my fave ulzzang LOL i always post it at the end of my post...ahahahah no touching k...LOL


guk jang mun and park hyung jun and the last one is jung gyu kyaaa he so cute lalalala

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