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Apr 25, 2010 @ Sunday, April 25, 2010
Only This

UKISS UKISS UKISS UKISS gosh my mind full with ukiss and even now i keep thinking bout kevin...?? what hahaha kevin kevin kevin....kyaaa he so pretty and i so effing jelouse...he not handsome but PRETTY..He was on starking and he dress as jessica..gosh he more pretty than sica...hohoh told yeah..

On saturday that is yesterday i went SWM event at TS and we having so much fun..actually i not familiar with the member cause i new with this group..thank god there pie unnie...fyn unnie she came late..aish  she have work to do *unnie treat me something* LOL. On that day we have to record any random people we found and say I LOVE SHINEE..my group only 4 include me..and i too shy to ask them do it..ahahah lucky us we manage to get people do it..hohohoh. I meet new friends happy happy

Aish even i stalk Mystar that is kpop store there nothing to buy..shinee and 2pm stuff all sold out..>< waiting for 2pm photobook...hehehehe

This is jun yeon. weee so cute...lalalala

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