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May 21, 2010 @ Friday, May 21, 2010
My line suddenly ok..ahahah that because my brother stop his torrent...ekeke time for me youtube...i never youtube before cause there nothing for me to stalk..i only stalk MV, perf and some drama there....but then i accidentally click k-on band vid..omo looking at those guys played guitar really make me jealous...i want too..my brother has guitar but i never play it cause i afraid he might scold me...ekekek..aish lame am i..I always wanna try play instrument but i too shy to play it...*though i never learn one* always looking outside the store cause i too shy to enter the shop...is someone with me... so that will not be a problem...hohohoh..*silly me* if only....

Wanna take piano lesson someday and maybe guitar too...i even stretch my finger to not be stiff when i play guitar..hold your finger chord-pressing hand with your finger together. Open up your index and middle finger. It should like V and then do it with your ring finger and pinky. The open up only your index close it and and open up your pinky...get it

Time flies...i should sleep now...i mean my laptop...since 7pm i on...hohohoh..

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