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May 25, 2010 @ Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Hurray, throw confetti, blow candle..Ouhh what happen here. Officially said i finally get a job...Weee...so happy...So easy..i mean they way they accept me. I fill the form and then the boss interview me..On the spot k...I work as secretary there. It just small company. I work there before but as assistant store. Start work tomorrow..omo what should i do..HOHO

Near to my house...when lunch i can go back eat..totally safe..ahaha...They ask me for do accounting job..I learn that when i was in college..hope i still remember..omo need to study accounting...I kinda fail in math...theee ~ but they also say i might do admin..ok that simple..easy for me..

My mind keep playing stuff i wanna buy..shot i might lost my salary here..Ahh talking bout salary it not that much but it ok as long they pay me..

Taejun ahh help me...ekekeke...omo if someone see this...she might kill me...ekeke

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