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Sep 20, 2010 @ Monday, September 20, 2010
Special Discussion & Phantomhive Long Gone
Gahhh no way...too early to end now..i wanna see more and more ahaha..LOL everytime it happen like this to me..please ignore my craziness..LOL i cant i have to tell you guys this even you havent heard bout it before. K-ON or Houkago Tea Time already E N D !!!! gahhhhh >< too early *already epi 24* still i want more. But i heard they coming back..hehehe ofcourse la not sure season 3 or just special episode..Wanna watch it..?? Anime online 

Finally it end..but i want more hohoho..ciell too cute and sebastion too HOT ahhh..LOL otaku yup that me..i just cant ignore good thing in front of my eyes ahaha...

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