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Aug 23, 2011 @ Tuesday, August 23, 2011
MV's Updated
Its been awhile since i update my blog, kinda busy these day. Not that busy just i too lazy to update it ahaha..Got nothing to update but then i need to make my blog alive again..So im here to update it. Im updating new kpop MV's now..There so many kpop artist making debut and im so broke to buy their album. Ugh even i didnt buy shinee replay japan album. Feel so regret...arghhhhh!! I only update my fave kpop artist sorry if you didnt see yours here hehehe... *run*

First mv will be BEAST fiction, i really love this song so meaningful...They also release the their single digital on rainy days sadly there no mv for it..wish they can release it..love the guitar sound

Second MV is SHINee Replay Japan Ver MV when it release all shawol we nt crazy because if this< every member really amazing, their image change..i kinda love it. As for SHINee PV they disable the embed so i just post the link here

SHINee also release their second japanese single and that is JULIETTE a very catchy song, noona loving it !! Taemin so cuteeeeee !!

My fave girl group T-ARA made their debut recently and love their concept..hahaha..Retro concept like the dance, i really need to learn it..huhuhu. Its 12 minute MV, look like short movie here. They release also release so many version, stage version and copacabana version. Here the first ver

INFINITE that infinite for me. Really powerful dance and song too, first im addicted to this song..L so damn HOT!! kyaaaa. I really need to buy their album anyone please spare me ringgit..ahahah

2NE1 once again rock kpop music, their song listed in many chart a kill song, that what i heard but true it is, just look at the mv viewer they reach 5 million already, wowwww !!!

Before they release the full mv they release each member teaser and hell yeah i love their teaser..Waiting foe the full MV really need patient, same as 2NE1 this is a kill song too..already reach 5 million viewer !! MISS A fighthing !!

SISTAR just make their comeback and i must say it kinda funny, running in dress...ahaha..amazed with hyorin voice. NICE!!

Truth said i forgot this rapper name, i just google the mv title and walla it comeout..sure famous isn't it..i didnt know this MV at all but when my friend play it i know this rapper voice the one that sang in song jieun crazy song. Really love the song and the MV i just dont get it why it get banned..ugh BANG YONG GOOK feat YOSEOB I REMEMBER

I thought i had heard this song somewhere but i couldn't remember, it does ring a bell..Another good song get banned because of the MV, their first MV more cruel than this, but ignore the ugliness but listen to the voice, they really amazing. Thumbs up. SUNNY HILL

2PM made their debut with really cool MV both in korea and japan. Thumbs up for them. National beast ahaha..First is Hand Up and for japan is Im your Man MV. Love the dance when they use necktie..Yeah you are my man LOL.

Well that is from me, they so many kpop artist making comeback and i really want to post it all just i too lazy ahaha..That all my fave MV. If i missed your fave MV please dont mad at me. HAHAHA ..ADIOS ~!

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