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Jul 4, 2010 @ Sunday, July 04, 2010
A beautiful dream
Do you ever dream of something you want to? Anything that you never had in reality but in dream it suddenly happen to you? That happens to me and I kinda like it. I never had it in my life but in dream it happens. I wish I can stay in it forever.

This happen because I watch movie last night it called nick and norah infiniti playlist. If I not wrong. I didn’t watch it from started cause the world cup yesterday. OMG Germany kick Argentina ass. HAHAHA love it.

Back to my story, I can’t see person who beside me but I can tell you it’s a guy. Hohoho *pervy* LOL it’s not that kinda of dream tsk. The dream so romantic and we both held our hand together and I ask him questions, questions that I never said to anyone. I don't remember what i ask but it something meaningful to me. Just like in the movie i feel like dejavu. Wish it can happen to me. Wonder when?


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