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Jun 20, 2010 @ Sunday, June 20, 2010
Ukiss moment

Ahhh why just one day..i wanna  see them more…more of Kevin ekeke pervy..LOL. The event take place at convention center KL at 2pm (remind me of 2PM) and I arrived there at 11am..LOL so early..IRK ekeke fangirl mode…ahahah. Meet mira and her sisters. Actually I supposed to go with my friend but he has emergency so he not going.. He the source of camera. Aish no camera for me..I using mira camera..Gosh he just waste one ticket..I dunno who to call so one ticket it useless but I got 2 album..BWAHAHA..Anyone want to buy from me…aahaha..

Meet with fyn unnie.GOSH she even bought present for ukiss…hoho jealous jealous..wish it for me..theee XD. We enter the hall around 130pm and the event stared late dunno why..they want to us be anxious about it..tsk :( 230pm ukiss on stage and you can fell the hall is shaking ahaha because of ur scream..*good job fans* My seat so far from the stage..Can’t see it cleary aish…no money to buy ace or vip..next time for concert VVIP hahaha..First ukiss play game with FAN!!!! Gahhh why why not me…tsk next time notice me k..ahaha

I not sure what game but ukiss have to pair with fan. The loser  had to hug the winner…gosh you can feel what I feel not..Jealousy k..Arghhh Kevin andwae…in front of me LOL…After the game is perf..Moment that I waiting so much…I need to take photo of ukiss perf so I move to front place..near to the stage but no so near cause the fans already take it..but because of my small body I manage to get front..bwahahah clever me..

All their performing I record it in mira camera..kyaaa I still can hear their binguel binguel…XD I had so fun yesterday..got to see ukiss and Kevin..my biases…ahaha..We still didn’t get our album so I though they just gonna give us before leaving the hall..but actually ukiss will hand it to us…OMO OMO OMO OMO got to see ukiss close up…kyaaa the moment I been waiting…

I have 2 ticket with me so I can take 2 album…First I took it from Kevin..kyaaa kevin so pretty and so tall…XD owh owh handshake..Kinda embarrassed for me that time..I wanna take the album but my hand stop suddenly..suddenly kevin offer his hand and what should I do…!!! Handshake his hand duhhh ~ kyaaaaaa !!!!! gonna faint that moment…thank you Kevin..dont wash it ok ahaha

Then I stop at Alexander and I ask for another one..He kinda confused cause I already took from Kevin but the I show my other ticket..hehe he gave it to me than…thank you xander…you so lovely..Ahh not to forget. Soohyun said bye to me..ahh sorry I didn’t take album from you hehehe…

Ukiss to friendly and nice..love you…Owh owh we celebrate Dongho birthday yesterday and he wish to have a concert in Malaysia…Management hear that and put it in ukiss next schedule ok. Cant wait for ukiss perf..must buy VVIP bwahahah

Gonna post the vid and picha after mira email me..Mira palli send me !!!! cant wait for it


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