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Aug 23, 2011 @ Tuesday, August 23, 2011
"He Is Mine" Kim Jonghyun photobook
This is what i've been waiting for, finally he is mine!! Yeah just like the photobook title, he is mine. Korean fans really great. I wanna live there..ahaha. Ok ok you guys must be *what is this girl talking about, just straight to the point!* HAHAHAHA. Im talking about Kim Jonghyun He Is Mine photobook fansite One In A Million project. One of biggest fanclub for Jonghyun SHINee. I must say this fanclub really did great job. YEYYY. It not a waste bought it from them. If there another project i must have it but i only interested in photobook. Here the picture of the photobook. It so thick!! I think 250 pages.!! Free gifts are fan, 5 cards and a HUGE POSTER of Jonghyun, my camera didnt fit it..LOLLL. Im going crazy just to look at jonghyun ahahaha

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