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Oct 3, 2011 @ Monday, October 03, 2011
Countdown ~
Countdown of my days before the year of 2011 end and 2012 appear..2012..this number ring my bell...wonder where...Hello lurkers, stalkers, bloggers, fans ( wonder if i have one) :p The end is coming and i must achieves my wishlist. This gonna be weird wishlist ever..Not that weird but weird..LOL. Ok first that i must achieves is make my collarbone visible..weird list ever. The reason is im too FAT and with this i might look skinny..so i wear skinny jean..ahahaha The second one save lot lot lot of money so i can pay all my debts..You have no idea how many debt i must pay..Ugh..As this young age and i have debt..Oh My Smurf !! Ok the third is change new phone..(WTF) i already use new phone but i want to change to new one..ekekeke im not the only one thinking bout this, bet you too...huhhhh huhhh huuhhhh huhhhh ~ start singing 4Minute HUHH . Last but not least start buying kpop album, merchandise, fan goodies (oh i love fan goodies, worth to buy) That the only things i must achieves before the end coming. I think for the debt thing, might not gonna pay full but i will continue pay it little by little.


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